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Mar 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
he's probably playing politics. the republican governor of indiana mitch daniel declared 11 counties to be disaster area. the governor of kentucky well copped federal workers in the state. kasich said no thanks. as one ohio resident put it, a normal governor with a minimal sl shred of competence or compassion would coordinate with fema and other agencies on the recovery. but here in ohio, kasich responded to the disaster with the type of leadership we've come to expect from him. joining me now is ohio congressman "time" rtim ryan. what is going on here and you're somewhat and other federal representatives are somewhat at the mercy of kasich's decision, are you not? >> the governor needs to ask for help it's not just me it's conservative republicans like jean schmitt in southwest ohio one of the most conservative people in the house of representatives saying government get on the stick we have people that are hurting. so yeah, we need to be asked by the sitting governor. >> well, this just in, we just received word late today that governor kasich reconsidered his decision and has aske
Mar 6, 2012 12:00am PST
government, in times like thes indiana, kentucky will get help, ohio teachers, police, fire getting laid off and yet an opportunity to get some federal help and he doesn't take it. but this is consistent with his behavior. >> it's very strange behavior, one of two things here, number one he didn't know how bad it was, or number two he's putting his political ideology ahead of people who pay taxes. >> i have never heard of a governor where there is death and destruction in the millions say we're not going to take the help. it's out rain us. >> mind-boggling as one constituent said mind boggling. you think of anybody whether in a leadership position or not your first instinct how do we help to the people and come out and with the level of bravado, we're looking in 2012, ed, for mature leadership, not seeing it in the republican primaries, not seeing it with the governor in ohio. you're in an emergency situation, take an assessment of the landscape, look around, see what is going on and then make a decision but to go down after this happened friday night and go down on saturday just several hou
Mar 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
of indiana. debris blowing 50 miles away in cincinnati from these storms. we still have a tornado threat as we go throughout the late night hours here and after we go past midnight but the tornado threat will slowly diminish as we go throughout the evening. areas of concern are switching moreorless toward areas of eastern alabama, northern georgia, up through the mountains of appalachians. big cities out of the woods. amazing number of severe weather reports. 60 to 80 tornado reports. a lot of damaging hail. center over kentucky, southern indiana and southern ohio, that writes we want to bring you pictures. marysville area, town wiped off the map, 1900 people lived there, a lot of them will struggle and wander around trying to figure out how they will rebuild their town. also high schools were hit in the region, medical center, they will have a lot of clean-up to do through the weekend. will take a long time, ed, before they put their lives back together. areas of kentucky, west liberty, fatalities there and devastation. back to you. >>> bill karins, nbc meterologist thanks for th
Mar 9, 2012 8:00pm EST
do i know? mike pence of indiana introduced count them three separate bills, three bills to ban federal funding from family planning clinics. anti-abortion activists like pence have framed these restrictions and these measures as cost-saving measures. yeah, right. that is where there is more than 1100 reproductive health provisions introduced across the country just last year alone. it's not their agenda. the ability for women to access contra shin and reproductive health services is being targeted in the most aggressive way we have ever seen in this country. it is more important than ever for americans to hear the voice of people like sandra fluke, she plays an important role right now. the right wingers, they can try to silence her by brow-beating her on cable. it isn't going to happen. she has her allies. they can't spin their way out of this one. as o'reilly says, he has no proof that the white house was behind all of this. give me a break. get o -- o'reilly never covered this story until four days into it. until he figured out rush was in trouble. get your cell phones out i
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)